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As a versatile soloist, An-Sofie has an extensive repertoire from baroque to contemporary music. Besides her passion for classical music, there is also always room for other genres such as traditional music, musical and musical theatre.


The duo Aurae, named after the Greek goddess of light winds, performs a classical programme with a highly personal twist. They focus on exploring interfaces between classical and traditional music. Starting from Western classical anchors such as Bach, Purcell and Handel, they pass Southern rhythms by Piazzolla, Rodrigo and traditional Eastern European melodies. All works are entirely unique arrangements for voice and accordion.

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Witte Vlinders

Witte Vlinders is a musical narrative created by guitarist Emma Wills, based on the poems 'Platero and I' by Juan Ramòn Jiménez. Witte Vlinders is a musical theatre where film, music and poetry reinforce each other in a wonderful story. With actor Lukas De Wolf, accordionist Sebastian Enriques, soprano An-Sofie Moons and clarinettist An Bosmans.

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